Anonymous asked:

well that was speedy, haha. Awesome, thanks! Little bit ridiculous question, do you only draw at home? Because if you draw in other places, you should probably change your header to Ryan Who Draws Wherever He Wants. Just saying.

i draw in other places, because when i have my sketchbook with me, i’m already home.

Well that was cheesy and stupid, am i right? i do draw in places other than my house, but it’s usually preliminary sketches and doodles that i finish up when i get home. i don’t have a desk and all my supplies in places other than my home.

The header is based off of a lame indie movie called “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”, and i thought it would be funny to do that. 

Anonymous asked:

hey Ryan, it's the anon from before. I was wondering if you've ever drawn any of the ATLA or LoK characters? I noticed you posted about Amon before, so I figured you might be a fan of the series (even if you're not a fan of him). Personally I like ATLA better, but I think it's mainly because I liked the characters a lot more. Although I do like the character growth I've seen in Korra, which is promising. Anyway, I think your style would be a really cool take on the characters. Let me know!

Hello anon! Yes, i actually have drawn some ATLA related stuff for school. i can’t find the file right now, but trust me, dear anon, i have done it and i think i will do it again for you. But not right now, because i have work in about half an hour and i have to eat breakfast. Also, i’m working on another doodle, and that one takes priority because it was here first. But either way, stay tuned!